MLS: 3 questions for coronavirus impact

Major League Soccer is currently in the midst of its 30-day postponement. The coronavirus has been labelled a worldwide pandemic by the WHO and it has stalled almost all sport across the entire planet. MLS has not been spared.

Obviously, the 2020 season is going to be hugely impacted by the coronavirus. You cannot take a month out of a scheduled campaign and expect things to return to normality upon the restart of action. The league must be completed at some point. It cannot hang in limbo forever.

When it comes to potentially cutting down the league to conduct play over a shortened period, thus squeezing in all the action in before the offseason, one obvious solution is to amend the extra tournaments that MLS teams partake in.

The U.S. Open Cup, the Campeones Cup, the Leagues Cup and even the CONCACAF Champions League can all be amended or even cancelled to help fit in the added games that will have to be rearranged. It remains to be seen just how much time MLS and other leagues have to play with, of course, but expect to see some changes to these competitions, not just the league structure.


The Sporting KC Blues – The New Identity For the Sporting Kansas City

Sporting KC Blues. Sporting Kansas City is in the process of revamping its marketing and branding, which have proven to be quite a challenge for the club’s owners. The team’s new focus on its modern logo design is being met with mixed reviews by the community.

The new logo was created using the modern look. The football shape is placed below the top line of the lettering, with two more lines above it and below it.

The lettering continues below the circle, while another horizontal line covers the circle. Sporting KC Blues is about to be a popular catch phrase among Sporting fans. However, it has been criticized by some community members who feel that the graphic is too simplistic and lacks substance.

The MLS-ready logo is a part of the team’s identity that should be appealing to current and potential fans. However, there are a number of fans who feel that the concept is too complicated for fans to keep up with. The team has responded to the complaints, with a simple explanation of the logo and the new logo.

It’s not the first time that a team’s identity has had a new logo. Atlanta United moved to a new look for their soccer jerseys, and it’s not the first time the team has adopted a new identity. However, Kansas City fans feel that they’re too busy to keep up with the changes.

The Sporting KC Blues is also a part of the team’s logo design to showcase its name. The team used the same lettering for their logo, but with an interesting twist. The letters are placed at the bottom of the soccer ball rather than the top.

An article published in the Sporting News during the MLS pre-season, featured the new logo, but it still wasn’t an overwhelming success for fans. Many fans didn’t take to the change, with many simply saying that it’s too complicated and has no substance. The team took to Facebook to respond to fan concerns.

In the letter, they claimed that the new logo is fun and easy to understand. They say it’s part of the team’s identity to be simple, yet modern. The team claims that people can learn to read the logo easily, and that it will become a part of the brand as a whole.

The community reaction to the new logo was mixed. Supporters say that the design is an improvement over the current one, while some people worry that it won’t stick with fans.

Sporting KC Blues may not be a bad attempt at modern look for the team. The team hopes that it will bring in the crowd. Some fans are hoping that they’ll have something to run out when the team comes out for a game.

However, the majority of fans are in favor of the logo. Some felt that the new logo didn’t make a big enough impact, while others didn’t like the addition of the different lettering and wanted to keep the team’s old identity. There are a lot of factors that come into play when a team is choosing a new identity.

The Sporting KC Blues will likely be an example for future teams that they need to be careful about what they choose for their identity. It could have a huge impact on the way people think about the team, or it could cost them a lot of fans if it doesn’t meet their expectations.